Meersbloem-Melden 16, 9700 Oudenaarde
+ 32 55 31 83 35

!! Attention: diversion as of 12/04/2021

From 12/04/2021 until the summer the N8 Berchemweg at the tire center will be closed to all traffic in both directions. 
Traffic from and to Kluisbergen can drive easily to Vergokan via the N8.
Traffic from and to Oudenaarde or Ronse will be diverted:

From Oudenaarde/Ronse to Vergokan you can take the N8 until the intersection with the tire center and then turn right, left and cross the bridge at Cortina and from there to Vergokan. 
From Vergokan to Oudenaarde/Ronse, you need to follow the detour in the direction of Kluisbergen.



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