Floor installations

floor installations

In this ever-changing society, the range of connection capabilities required is ever-expanding. The keywords for office premises nowadays are: integrated systems, flexibility, connectivity and durability. Connecting services from the floor meets all these requirements.

In addition, the user will also take aesthetic appearance into account: floor boxes are expected to blend in harmoniously with the interior.

Vergokan offers a single universal box: the NEO. The height of this universal box can be set to match the height of the floor trunking being used (28, 38 or 48 mm). Its width can in turn be matched to 170, 250 and 350 mm wide floor trunking.

The Vergokan NEO universal box and matching blanking and hinged covers have been designed to fit in with the contemporary minimalist look in offices museums, lobbies, shopping malls and modern homes.

The system us suitable for any type of floor finish (carpet, tiles, vinyl, epoxy, polymer concrete, parquet, etc.).

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