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Hinged cover square, stainless steel - KDVIT3

Build-in frame + tileframe + cable outlet + alu frame
Max. load: 2000 N (small surface area)
Max. load: 3000 N (large surface area)
Active condition: IP 20
Non-active condition: IP 30
Depth of floor covering: Max. 26 mm

ETIM: EC000024

HD Reference



Stock Unit
KDVIT3   307   307 3,1 1 v STK

Standard finish

  • Standard finish Stainless Steel 304
Tested to EN 50085-2-2.

Hinged cover for 3 compartments.
Depth of floor covering can be reduced by fitting packers OHEV3.2 and/or OHEV3.5.

Can be leveled by adjusting 4 bolts on included alu-frame NEOT3.
Hinged cover is provided with 2 cable outlets with integrated push lever and 2 cable organisers.
Hinged cover is provided with an earthing strip between cover and frame.

A reinforcement kit KDVIZ3 is available to support heavy loads.

For use in dry floors only.

Technical info

Product datasheet


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Load diagram