Cable trays


Vergokan cable trays and cable trunking provide the ideal answer for concealing and protecting cables and all kinds of wiring.

Cable trays and trunking are available in various widths, heights and sheet thicknesses, with perforations or in a closed configuration, with or without interlocking ends.

Our latest cable tray is the clickable KBSCL FUSION. These cable trays automatically click when they are interlocked. You don’t need nuts, bolts, joining plates or clips. This means a time saving of 15% and the reliability, solidity and carrying capacity are as good as the interlocked version. Moreover the cable trays are aligned automatically.

KBS cable trays have embedded perforations for added load-bearing capacity, better cooling, stability and condensation drainage. Longitudinal and transverse perforations provide better fastening to the mounting and convenient cable bundling.

The KG(I) cable tray has a solid bottom and is available with or without interlocking ends. This cable tray is often used for lighting applications. This cable tray is an elegant solution where it is intended to incorporate lighting into the interior to an original design or if a false ceiling is not an option.

The KBSM(I) cable tray has large feed-through apertures, which means it can be used in mechanical engineering, especially materials handling applications. This tray can also be used as a lighting rail.

NATO is a perforated cable tray featuring longitudinal and transverse perforations and upright flanges; it can be used for installations where there is little space around the structure for fitting.

Product overview