Cable ladder in zinc magnesium - KLLI

08/03/2022 The KLLI retractable cable ladder now available in zinc magnesium

The KLLI cable ladder with interlocking ends by Atkore Vergokan.
Now available in zinc magnesium: cost-effective and environmentally sound

The requirements for durability and corrosion resistance are increasing. At a time when material prices are rising, there is also a demand for cost-effective solutions. Atkore Vergokan is therefore introducing its retractable cable ladder now also available in zinc magnesium (prefix: ZM) as a successor to the KBSCL cable tray that has already been launched in zinc magnesium. Zinc magnesium provides more corrosion protection than conventional hot-dip galvanised steel. This has been proven by salt spray tests.

Advantages of zinc magnesium compared with traditional galvanised coating

  • Higher corrosion resistance. The protective layer is more resistant to corrosion than traditional galvanised steel.
  • The coating provides very good protection against aggressive environments such as chloride and ammonia.
  • Self-repairing properties on the cutting edges. Zinc magnesium restores itself on the cutting edges. Is there a scratch on the material? Then a chemical reaction creates a new layer of white rust over the damaged part and further corrosion is prevented.
  • Zinc magnesium has a lower environmental impact compared with aluminium, stainless steel and standard zinc-coated steel. Less zinc is used compared with pure zinc coatings: the zinc run-off is lower than with traditional galvanised steel. The ecological impact is lower because less transport is required (less CO2 emissions). Finally, the final product has a longer lifespan. 

  • Smooth and aesthetic surface look. Zinc magnesium has an even and shiny appearance.
  • The price is much more favourable compared with other coatings. Additional logistics operations are no longer necessary because the material is pre-coated.


Why choose the KLLI ladder with interlocking ends?

  • Quick assembly
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight, but strong  
  • Rounded corners and rungs integrated into the side walls guarantee safe mounting. This also makes damage to cables impossible.
  • Optimal cable management and maximum filling factor of the ladder thanks to the specific perforation pattern in the side walls and the rungs at the bottom of the ladder.

The zinc magnesium cable ladder with interlocking ends comes in length of 3 metres and is available in three heights: 60, 85 and 110 mm.