18/01/2024 HDWKML from Atkore Vergokan
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A modernisation in our machinery allows us to optimise the design of the HDWK. Our product developers have slightly modified this well-known welded bracket, and renamed it HDWKML.

In a nutshell: 

  • The new HDWKML is recognisable by a profiling in the bracket.
  • The load capacity is similar to that of the HDWK.
  • With the addition of an extra weld seam, the HDWKML can also be mounted upside down, so that cable support systems can be attached hanging below the console, with the same load capacity as the standard setup.
  • By the way, the price remains unchanged.

As there are obviously longer running projects with the HDWK, it will be phased out over a six-week period, and is still available to order until 7 March.
At the same time, the new HDWKML will already be available from 1st February 2024.

To find out all product specifications and features, click here.

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