06/06/2023 The newest cable ladder from Atkore vergokan

KLM100 - the newest cable ladder from Atkore vergokan

Introducing the KLM100 cable ladder: the newest innovation from Atkore Vergokan. This robust and strong ladder is the perfect addition to any project. The KLM100 provides an efficient, reliable, and durable solution for managing cables.

  • The height of 100mm allows for a useable inner height of 77 mm, ideal for large diameter cables
  • Slotted holes on the sides, ensure no drilling is required to create a coupling following a sawing process.
  • No joiners are required to attach accessories such as bends, tees etc.
  • Rungs are perforated to enable efficient attachment of cables and easy use of cable cleats.
  • Partition (SLOS60) can be fixed to the cable ladder with a sliding nut (PNP06) and pan head bolt (RB6.20).

This product can be offered with our superior zinc magnesium coating. Zinc magnesium is the sustainable choice for the future of our planet. It is highly durable and with lower CO2 emissions than competitive materials like hot-dip galvanizing. On top, this coating provides better corrosion resistance, a longer lifespan, and improved aesthetics.

To find out all other product specifications and features, click here.

The KLM100 is perfect for a wide range of projects, including industrial, commercial. It is an exceptional solution for anyone who is looking for a reliable, robust cable ladder that can easily handle heavy-duty cabling.

Atkore Vergokan's new cable ladder is strong, versatile, and built to last. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative new product and how it can benefit your project.